Wednesday, 14 June 2017

iOS 11 to Upgrade the App Store and Feature Augmented Reality

The Beat version of the most awaited iOS 11 has already been unveiled and now we are just waiting to install the eleventh version OS. People already came to know about the features which would come along with the eleventh OS in the series but we are yet to experience them all. In order to use the Beta version right away you got to pay 8 dollars as it won’t come for free now. But if you actually want to install the version for free, you need to wait until June end. During the release of the iOS 11 Beta version, people got insight into each and every features but we are wondering whether iOS 11 will introduce some more great features when it gets released or not. Almost each and everything has been revamped and lot of other features has also been added.

However, people are quite elated with the features and it seems that iOS 11 has also revamped the App Store. The App Store is one of the most important part of the Apple devices, as you can download and purchase apps from there. This time it will allow you to find all the applications and also the games which you were longing to download since long. And not only that as people will also get to see the option called The Daily List Section which will provide them with recommendations of applications. Therefore, one would not face any problem while searching for applications and even if you want some suggestions regarding the applications you certainly don’t have to go to others for help as Apple App Store is there to help out. Nevertheless, iOS 11 will also add and all new Control Centre, a reworked one rather. And this time it will feature a 3D Touch.

The reworking of the Control Centre was anyway envisioned from the very beginning due to which it might have not surprised the users but the inclusion of 3D Touch has surely left people speechless.

The biggest addition which the iOS 11 has included is the Augmented Reality features; it would be a great experience for every user out there as they will be able to connect their devices with the outside world.

The camera section of the devices has also been revamped this time and people will be able to redefine the images. The Live Photo Feature is something which will grab attention; you will get to see three options in that which would be Long Exposure, Bounce and Loops. And this would be something which will be quite unusual in the devices equipped with iOS. 

You can read more about iOS 11 here:

However, the Siri has finally been updated and people finally took a sigh. And by getting know about all the features which the eleventh generation OS will end up sporting, we can actually say that the operating system is going to be extremely first-rate.

iOS 11 is surely going to get unveiled in Fall 2017 but before that people would get introduced to the public beta version of the OS.

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