Tuesday, 18 July 2017

You TV Player Alternatives for Mac: The Best Ones You Can Use

While time is a very precious thing now, our busy life has hardly the time for entertainment. Now here comes the importance of the entertainment apps which can provide us our choicest movies and television series at the single click, and when we are talking about the apps, those can provide us entertainment, You TV Player is the name that comes to our mind at once. It is a video and movie watching app that has garnered massive popularity among the fans during last few months.
YouTV Player APK is the most downloaded APK file by the Android users during this time span. Now while it is the most famous Android app, it is still not available for PC and Mac. With Mac and PC, the movie experience can be bigger and better for sure. Thus we have decided to share with you some alternatives of YouTV Player app that you can use on Mac

YouTV Player Alternatives for Mac

Hulu is a popular choice for watching TV episodes and clips. It also offers full-length movies. Similar to YouTV Player’s movies, the films available from Hulu aren’t recent blockbusters or Oscar-winning fare. But we can assure that you will find some great collection including some classics to enjoy a lazy evening. Though it is a fact that Hulu’s TV shows and movies are free, they include an occasional short advertisement.

Netflix is offering movie streaming for a few years. But with times the app has improved a lot ad has now offered recent releases. Though the last night’s episode is not offered, but Netflix offers season packages of famous television series. Unfortunately, it does not offer any HBO shows.

The iTunes Store
The iTunes Store is the most Mac friendly, which offers thousands of movies for purchase or rental.  After you download a movie on rental, you get 30 days to watch it, and after the users start watching it, they have 24 hours to complete it; the movie will automatically be removed from you Mac after that given period. During those 24 hours, you can watch the movie as many times as you like.

Wrap Up
Watching a movie on Mac just increases the experience quite a lot. That is why at the end we can say it is high time YouTV Player gets the option for Mac too, as it is one of the most popular streaming apps. But till it is unavailable on Mac, choose the alternatives of YouTV Player On Mac.

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